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bored!!! [09 Mar 2004|11:31pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Spikey's the only one I've seen all week. Well, squirrels don't
count(and they taste awful. One even bit me!)

*looks through copy of newspaper*
*article on Fashion page catches her eye*

Oh, wow!
We're going to do that. Spike'll love it! Hey, it says we can win
money too. He wouldn't have to keep sucking up to the bottle
dealing with the Slayer. Only pond scum and traitors
should do that!

The contest is in two weeks. Plenty of time to rehearse.
Oh, I need to get us some new outfits! *frowns* All the good
stores are in L.A. I'll have to steal a car or get Spikey to
drive me. I don't wanna tell him yet! He's been so good to me,
he deserves a surprise.

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[03 Mar 2004|09:06pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I can't believe I was kicked out of a demon bar! Okay, so it's only for a month. And I did break some furniture and things. Blame that skanky xerox of me! It wasn't my idea!
Spikey's not banned. He brought me some fresh blood and margaritas back when he picked up his yesterday. We stayed in for the night,too. I have to lay low because of the Slayer. He said that weird clone of me had been eating people and she was bragging. Talk about tacky!
Does this radio work? *fiddles with the tuner*
*music blares at full volume, echoing loudly*
Oooh, Justin. I love his voice!

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